Chenango County Habitat for Humanity

CCHH Skillet Toss statueThe Skillet Toss
is a distance competition, which involves the throwing of a specially fabricated and weighted 3 ½ pound steel skillet.

Chenango County Habitat for Humanity (CCHH) asks, "Are you up for the challenge?" It's time to roll up your sleeves and get your throwing arms at peak performance.

CCHH introduced the Skillet Toss at the June 2009 Dairy Day in Norwich, NY. (Always held on the 3rd Saturday of June.) The game involves throwing a steel skillet made especially for the event. (Cast iron skillets tend to break and the weight isn't as consistent.) Two attempts are allowed. Since it was new to the area, CCHH opened it to both sexes; but traditionally it is only played by women. The public's response was very favorable and now, all ages are invited!

Chenango County Dairy Court played the Skillet TossCCHH has brought the Skillet Toss to the Chenango County Fair in Norwich, NY, but it can be played nearly anywhere with enough space!

In 2011, CCHH started a tradition by bringing the Skillet Toss to the 25th annual Applefest in the Village of Greene, NY, on September 24, from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. You will find them on the "Ball Flats" every year for the Applefest. Click here to visit the Greene Applefest webpage for annual details.

Expanding their events calendar, in October 2011, CCHH joined the Smithville Grange's Harvest Celebration (sponsored by the Smithville Valley Grange No. 1397) at the Eagle Scout Park & Community Center in Smithville Flats, and then in June 2012, they brought the Skillet Toss to Smithville Day, in Smithville Flats. Click here to visit the Smithville Day webpage for annual details.

It's just $1 for 2 tosses; open to men, women and youth. Donations are always greatly appreciated.

All ages and all walks of life can compete. There are various categories of play based on age groups.

Josh O'Donnell competing at Dairy Day 2013. He broke distance records at: 105' 1"! Christine Oliver competing at Dairy Day, 6-19-10
David Rogers competing at Smithville Day 2015. This captured the skillet in mid-air as this woman tossed it. (Dairy Day 2010)

Top row left is Josh O'Donnell throwing a record breaking 105' 1" in Habitat’s Skillet Toss competition, held at Dairy Day 2013.

Different techniques and the steel skillet's aerodynamic behavior are involved in the resulting tossing distance. The frying pan sometimes goes flying through the air in a graceful arch and, at other times it's more of an erratic end-over-end tumble. What ever your style, all players have fun and a few top tossers will receive prizes.

Consider these ideas:

  • You could take on a friend or a group.
  • Perhaps your company would like to challenge a competitor?
  • Maybe your company will match your other sponsor's pledges?

There are different ways to participate. You could sign up as an individual participant; raise pledges through sponsorships*; or you can simply make a donation. (*You can print a pledge sheet from the Pledge Sheet PDF link below and record your sponsors.)

Give the Skillet Toss a try, watch for the sign of the "pan" and "pump a little iron" to train for this worthy benefit. (Start lifting your weights, children, shovels, anvils, etc.). It's fun and you don't have to win to realize that you've helped a very good cause.

Find out where the Skillet Toss will be next!
Contact: Sandra Colton at (607) 334-7492; or Audrey Johnson (607) 843-6249; email: for info.

The CCHH office is located in Guilford, NY, at the Klee House.
To volunteer, look under the "Get Involved" section; or contact Sandra Colton.

Click here for a Skillet Toss Pledge Sheet (in PDF).

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