Chenango County Habitat for Humanity


Building Committee:

This committee's focus and responsibility is to guide the development of our construction area as we continue through growth to evolve and provide more housing and small homes projects for God's people in need in Chenango County. The committee seeks volunteers with expertise in construction, its management, purchasing, building inspections, engineering and other disciplines related to this central aspect of our affiliate and those willing to learn.

Church Relations

This committee identifies our county's faith-based communities and then works with them in building a partnership program which supports eliminating sub-standard housing. The committee seeks volunteers to build this partnership to accomplish this faith-based work.

Family Selection Committee

This committee is charged with the delicate task of choosing future CCHH homeowners from a pool of applicants. The committee works with residents and churches of the build area to create support for CCHH and the future partner family.

Family Support Committee

Responsibility for the education and support of our CCHH future homeowners is this committee's responsibility. They work with issues such as budgeting, home repair and maintenance, community resources and any of the other financial, legal and/or personal responsibilities of a partner family becoming a CCHH homeowner.

Fundraising, Promotion and Development Committees

With its experience in fundraising, public relations, marketing and networking, this committee develops plans as well as implements the strategies and tasks. Members work at organizing and supporting activities and special events, such as the Souper Bowl. A committee subset is Corporate Fund Raising, working solely with the county's employers. The committee seeks volunteers with unique expertise to build this lifeblood area of CCHH.

Site Selection Committee

Selecting affordable sites, acquiring land through purchase or donation, choosing designs that are site appropriate and working with community impact issues is a constant challenge for this committee. The committee seeks volunteers, homeowners as well as professionals, with expertise in these critical areas.

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